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ASTA Membership is Your Ticket To Success

At ASTA we promote your business, telling your story every day! We are the industry’s only professional trade association whose business it is to promote, defend, educate and represent the entire travel industry—small, mid-sized and large travel agencies and their travel agents; independent and home-based agents; and suppliers of travel-related products and services.

We help international travel agents strengthen their worldwide presence, and introduce them to travel suppliers. At the core of everything we do is promoting travel agents. What are you waiting for? Join Today   

5 Simple Reasons
to Join ASTA Today!

Boost your credibility and trust with new customers

Protect your livelihood by preventing costly fees and taxes

Grow your business, strengthen your network and knowhow

Connect you to more travelers

Arm you with the resources to answer every client’s question


What Others Say About ASTA

"What would I say is the most valuable benefit of being an ASTA member? The wonderful job around advocacy, which is so critical to our profitability and future. I see ASTA as an insurance policy for our members and industry. While that doesn’t sound like the sexiest thing, we simply wouldn’t survive without ASTA. I am proud of what ASTA has delivered and I constantly remind Signature members that they should ALL be members." - Alex Sharpe, President & CEO, Signature Travel


"I admire and appreciate the tenacity of ASTA to support the travel industry and travel professionals. ASTA's efforts in government advocacy are oftentimes the first time I hear about important issues and it is encouraging to know that we have support to help create stability in a constantly changing atmosphere." - Jason Holland


"I salute ASTA for their integrity and dignity and uplifting of all agents.  The organization gives me the tools and support that helps me be the best I can be at my job of making my clients dreams come true.” - Camille Adams


Our primary reason for supporting ASTA is because we believe that it's only through collective efforts that travel agents can have real impact. That includes telling about the value of working with agents (Without a Travel Agent, you're on your own), speaking as one voice to the industry and representation in industry affairs. Hard to measure the direct benefit, but we realize that we must provide our support. - Doug Risser

New U.S. Members

Brian Chapin, Ensemble Travel, Chicago, IL
Peter D'Errico, Peter C. D'Errico Vacation Consultants, Franklin, MA
Birgit Daniel, Tropical Escape Vacation Homes, Davenport, FL
Desislava Kachlakeva, DDK Travel, Arroyo Grande, CA
Diane Mabardi, Great GetAways, Boston, MA
Linda Nilsen, Blue Ribbon Cruise & Travel, Inc., Temecula, CA
Vilzza O'Mara Lopez, Family Fun and Cruises, Brookhaven, NY

New International Members

Deepak Janardanan, Al Fanar Travel W.L.L., Manama, Bahrain
Lucas Markowiecki, Tangol, Caba, Argentina
Monique Mortis, Dolphin Valley Enterprises, Oranjestad, Netherlands

New Domestic Companies

Tropical Escape Vacation Homes, Davenport, FL

New Supplier Members

Dolphin Valley Enterprises, Oranjestad, Netherlands
Italian Geographic Ltd, East Grinstead, United Kingdom
Tangol, Caba, Argentina
Al Fanar Travel W.L.L., Manama, Bahrain


ASTA - American Society of Travel Agents
675 N. Washington Street, Suite 490
Alexandria, VA 22314
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