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Allied Company Membership (Travel Supplier)

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Strengthen your global business, increase your customer base and form vital relationships with thousands of qualified travel agents around the world.

Travel Suppliers can take advantage of ASTA’s member benefits for an annual membership fee of $584.

Key Member Benefits

Connect with Travel Agents - Gain access to over 8,000 members with our Member Directory. Use these contacts to build relationships and grow your business with trustworthy travel professionals.

Create Credibility and Trust - Display the ASTA logo to show travel agents and consumers that you adhere to our Code of Ethics. The ASTA logo reflects your company's commitment to quality service and ethical business practices. Travel agents want to do business with a supplier they can trust.

Strengthen Your Network - Join us at annual events and promote your products and services through face-to-face interactions with ASTA's travel agent community. Join the conversation on our social media networks to build vital relationships with global travel professionals through ASTA's Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter pages.

Stay Informed - Have ASTA's E-Library, the largest database of travel-related information in the world, at your fingertips. Our extensive and easy-to-use database was created to keep you informed of what is affecting the agents you do business with.

Share the Rewards with Your Staff - Sign up your employees or a franchise location for an Allied Associate membership for only $160/year. Associate members will receive access to the Member Directory, use of the ASTA logo, subscription to ASTA Dateline Weekly, and unlimited use of resources.

Question? Contact Chelas Poirier, Coordinator, Membership & Convention Sales at

Membership Qualifications

  • Abide by ASTA's Code of Business Ethics

  • Be primarily engaged in providing products, services or information sold or used by travel agencies

  • Support the continued improvement of the travel agency industry

  • Provide proof of legitimacy - if your company does not have a Web site, it is a requirement that you provide brochures or materials detailing your company's product or services


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