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ASTA’s E-Library provides access to resources created specifically for ASTA members. Utilize our extensive and easy-to-use database to search hundreds of reference documents, guides, white papers, business articles, legal documents and other industry resources to help save you time and money.


Newly Added Resources

  • ASTA Premium Logo Artwork — September 21, 2018
    Premium members have the ability to download and use logos which are displayed for their use.

  • ASTA Member Logo Artwork — September 21, 2018
    ASTA members are able to download and use the ASTA logo.

  • Travel Management’s Impact on Corporate Profitability & Productivity — September 18, 2018
    The purpose of the survey is to determine the perceived impact of travel management companies (TMCs) and travel agencies on the profitability and productivity of organizations. You will also learn how organizations view their relationships with TMCs / travel agencies, what aspects of the relationship with a TMC / travel agency have the most impact on the success of a managed travel program, the pros and cons of utilizing a TMC / travel agency and so on.
    Click Here to access this report

  • Advisors' Entitlement to Commissions — September 12, 2018
    Travel agencies are not, in the major part of what they do, retailers or principals in their own right who sell their own services. They are "agents" who sell to the public the transportation or accommodation services of others. The travel agency's function is to bring consumers who wish to purchase such services together with those who have such services to sell – suppliers.

  • Rights of Travel Advisor — September 12, 2018
    The focus here is to set out some of the key business and legal rights that travel agents have and which they should vigorously assert. These rights may be exercised individually and not in consultation, coordination or agreement with other advisor or with ASTA.

  • Federal Government Travel Contracts — September 12, 2018
    The two sources that control most federal government contracting with travel agencies are the General Services Administration (GSA) and the Military Traffic Management Command (MTMC).

  • Become an advisor — September 10, 2018
  • ASTA Logo Usage Guidelines — September 4, 2018
    Rules and regulations pertaining to the display and usage of the ASTA logo.

  • ASTA Member-Only Campaign Preview — September 4, 2018
    Travel advisors are not just booking advisors anymore, we've become trusted advisors – akin to financial advisor and CPAs – who make the overall travel experience better and get leisure and business travelers maximum value for their travel dollar. What's more exciting is that the consumer media and, more importantly, the traveling public is embracing this shift from advisor to advisor. We are embracing it as well and will be announcing a name change and launching a rebranding campaign at the Global Convention. While our name is changing, ASTA's mission to promote and defend the agency and advisor community isn't, nor is our world-class suite of member benefits. Please join us for the August 8th webinar, when ASTA senior staff will walk you through the details of the rebranding campaign and what it means for you, as well as the ASTA Global Convention, August 21-23 in Washington, D.C. for the unveiling of the rebranding campaign.

  • Sitka – Alaskan Dream Cruise — August 31, 2018
    Experience exotic destinations and unique products for ultimate hands on learning. We have numerous educational courses both at sea or on land. You will be immersed in the destination and become an educated expert! Every FAM is offered below retail value, come join us as we learn about our Sitka – Alaskan Dream Cruise FAM.


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