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Governance — April 11, 2019
ASTA Governance and Bylaws

Committees — September 11, 2018
Volunteers are more important for ASTA. Volunteering offers ASTA members the opportunity to serve the travel agent industry.

ASTA's Pain-Free Advocacy Guide for Travel Advisors - How to be an Industry Advocate — June 6, 2011
Every individual and business, no matter who they are, has the opportunity to influence the policies that are created by their elected officials and impact where they live and work. Whether you realize it or not, you advocate the people, places and interests you care about every day. Why not put the same support towards the welfare of your business, clients and peers? ASTA's guide provides many of the simple things you can do now to make a difference towards vital issues that can expand or limit your success.

International Travel agent Summit — February 16, 2011
ASTA’s International Travel agent Summit is open to all international conference registrants and will offer attendees the opportunity to introduce their company, establish global business contacts and participate in a lively discussion of industry issues of importance to international travel companies.


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