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Protecting Your Agency — April 23, 2019
There is, of course, a natural tension between the travel advisor's role as travel promoter and salesperson, on the one hand, and the advisor's need to protect himself from litigation by unsatisfied clients, on the other hand.

Business Insurance and Disaster Protection — April 5, 2019
Fortunately, relatively few travel advisors experience a fire, flood or other natural disaster in their office. For the few that do fall victim to such unfortunate occurrences, the results can be devastating. Benefit from some valuable tips on how you can prepare for these situations.

Property-Liability Insurance for Travel Advisors — April 5, 2019
It is not possible to develop a list of insurance policies that are needed by every travel advisor without carefully analyzing the specific needs of each. For example, some agencies rent office space while others own the building, some own autos and vans whereas others may lease or not use autos in the business. Only a detailed analysis by a competent insurance agent can give you assurance of the correct coverage and the proper amounts.

Travel Insurance Update: Travel Guard’s New Licensing Regime; Non-Resident Licensing for CA Insurance Sellers; and State Initiative to Eliminate Licensing — February 1, 2013
Significant developments which impact travel agents in regards to activities taking place within three key travel insurance programs.

Travel Advisors Guide to Travel Insurance — May 24, 2012
Reviewing the 3 benefits of offering travel insurance - customer protection, agency protection and increased revenue - this guide summarizes the major types of travel insurance coverage as well as limitations, gives tips for choosing a travel insurance provider, and provides important cautions for advisors implementing or reviewing their travel insurance program.

Federal and State Lawmakers Turn Up the Heat on Misclassifying Companies — July 13, 2010
In recent months, federal and state lawmakers have stepped up efforts to significantly raise the stakes on businesses that misclassify their workers as independent advisors. The ramped-up pressure on employers comes in the form of newly enacted legislation or stern proposals aimed at non-compliant businesses.

Calculating Your Risk Factor - Identity Theft — June 7, 2010
What Travel Agencies need to know about the Red Flags Rule. This document covers information on what you need to have in place ... regarding identity theft.

Travel Insurance Regulations: Time for Change — May 26, 2010
ASTA and the United States Travel Insurance Association (USTIA) are working together to advocate that the insurance commissioners change the costly and fragmented regulatory compliance regimes that some travel sellers must endure to offer travel insurance to their clients.

Travel Insurance: War, Terrorism, and Itinerary Changes — February 6, 2009
Trip cancellation coverage is generally considered to be a "named peril" type policy, meaning that only those perils that are named in the policy are covered.

Insurance agents and Brokers — July 10, 2007
The foregoing principles are not limited to cases of agency involving only the sale of real estate. In the case of a contest over the right to commissions on the sale of insurance policies, a court has stated:


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