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The Cultural and Heritage Traveler – Understanding their destination and spending choices — April 10, 2017
Approximately 42 million cultural and heritage travelers will take a trip in the next 12 months. The research shows that awareness of the term cultural and heritage traveler has increased substantially as has spending.

Gain a Marketing Advantage Through Promoting Sustainable Travel — April 6, 2017
The marketing advantage of the sustainable travel niche is the growing desire of consumers to “do well” while vacationing and traveling.

The Value of Travel agents — April 6, 2017
Who uses travel agents, who wants to use travel agents and how to market to both. ASTA’s Value of Travel agents study surveyed over 8,000 U.S. Travelers and found out who uses travel agents and who does not. But more importantly it found that non-users were interested in using a travel agent.

Regulatory Compliance for Travel Agency Professionals — April 6, 2017
Travel agencies of various sizes have been assessed civil penalties ranging from $20,000 to $125,000, and on day two of 2014 DOT levied a $95,000 fine on a single agency. This video will delve deeply into the nuances and key compliance issues of the principal federal consumer protection rules and policies.

Understanding Business Travelers Who Use Travel agents, Those Who Don’t and Those Who Plan to in the Future — April 6, 2017
Our “Value of Travel agents” consumer study surveyed business travelers about their travel usage and their experience using agents. This video goes in-depth on the results from the business traveler segment of the study.

ICELAND - a Trending Destination — April 4, 2017
Planning a trip to a new and unknown destination can be tricky and time consuming. Iceland is no exception. Iceland has had a 20% tourism growth per year for the last 5 years. This video covers all the reasons why.

Video Library — May 17, 2016

Step-by-Step Advertising Reference Guide — January 29, 2016
As you plan your campaign, here is a simple checklist to help you every step of the way.

Messaging for Targeted Marketing to Consumers — June 27, 2014
ASTA’s 2014 consumer research, “Value of Travel agents”, has given travel agents a wealth of information on travel agents users, non-users and potential users. This video takes that information and boil it down to key messaging you can use to reach your current customers and potential new customers.

2013 ASTA Niche Markets Report — June 3, 2014
Access to online outlets and social media has increased the number of agents and agencies that can market their niche expertise. 73 percent of ASTA agencies report that they have expertise in at least one niche market.

Marketing and Advertising Opportunities — November 15, 2012
ASTA members represent 123 countries and ASTA offers a variety of ways to reach its members.

Google Granny on Google Docs — November 12, 2009
An eye opening introduction to Google Docs, a powerful, FREE group of applications available through Google, presented by Carol Fullmer, AKA Google Granny

Webinar - The Nuts and Bolts of Agency Acquisitions — July 17, 2009
The seminar is intended for ASTA agency owners thinking of selling their agencies or growing by buying other agencies.

Webinar - ASTA Government Affairs Activities — June 16, 2009
Join us, as Paul Ruden, Senior Vice President of Legal & Industry Affairs, covers the range of activities that have been taking place in your association during 2008 and preview what is coming ahead.

Webinar - 2009 Government Regulations That Travel agents MUST Know — June 16, 2009
Review the Secure Flight and Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) programs and find out how these programs will impact you and your customers.

Dealing with Debit Memos — June 16, 2009
A topic that affects every agent, Debit Memos can not only have a short-term financial impact on your business, but can also affect your long-term relationship with individual airlines as well as ARC.

What Every Businessperson Should Know About BRANDING — May 22, 2009
Managing a travel agency is not always easy, but there are external resources, this video addresses how SCORE, a nonprofit organization offering free business assistance to small business, that can help you along the way.

Travel Agency Consultancy Fee Course - Chapter 12: Fees Implementation Plan — April 6, 2009
Very few agencies go from “no fees” to “fee-for all” overnight. Even if you are completely committed to the idea of fees for your agency it is wise to think it all through and plan the implementation. There are plenty of issues to be considered in a fees implementation plan. Your agency’s unique combination of clientele, agent skills, agent “buy-in”, competition and more all impact the potential success of your fees programs.

Travel Agency Consultancy Fee Course - Chapter 3: Statistics and Research — April 6, 2009
Chapter 3 - There are numerous studies and surveys within the industry regarding fees available from ASTA and other sources. For the purposes of this course we will examine some of the most important findings and those that directly relate to the other subject matter in the course.

Travel Agency Consultancy Fee Course - Chapter 5: Corporate Travel and Fees — April 6, 2009
Chapter 5 - Corporate Travel and Fees - Corporate travel agencies were among the first to adopt fees, some even before the days of reduced and zero commission. So-called “management fee contracts” became very popular in the 1980’s and involved returning some or all airline commissions to the client in exchange for a fee per transaction or even a flat fee per month, quarter or year.

Travel Agency Consultancy Fee Course - Chapter 2: Fees Advantages and Challenges — April 6, 2009
Chapter 2 - Statistically, revenue from commission sources alone has decreased over the years while revenue from fees has increased. It would seem then that an increasing number of agents are adopting fees in one form or another.

Travel Agency Consultancy Fee Course - Chapter 10: Marketing Fees — April 6, 2009
Chapter 10 - Marketing is an important topic whether one is referring to fees or not. Marketing is often misunderstood to be primarily about advertising. Advertising is a significant aspect of marketing but it is only one of many tactical efforts in an overall marketing strategy to promote your business and your fees.

Travel Agency Consultancy Fee Course - Chapter 7: Using The Included Spreadsheet — April 6, 2009
Chapter 7 - A spreadsheet has been included with this course (courtesy of Future Proof Travel Solutions) to assist you with the basic calculations needed to determine your costs per transaction by product type. You will need Microsoft Excel ™ or a compatible program to use the spreadsheet although you need only possess very basic spreadsheet skills. Instructions will be provided as you are guided through the process that follows.

Travel Agency Consultancy Fee Course - Chapter 4: Fee Models and Fee-Based Services — April 6, 2009
Chapter 4 - Fee Models and Fee-Based Services - There are some fee programs that are now somewhat standard in the industry. For example, nearly all agencies charge some sort of fee for airline tickets. Most also charge a refund, exchange or cancellation fee. These types of fees are not only common but are generally accepted as the norm among consumers and travel agents alike.

Travel Agency Consultancy Fee Course - Chapter 9: Front Line agent Challenges — April 6, 2009
Chapter 9 -The challenges with fees faced by frontline travel agents are real. With potentially years of practice and habits (good and bad) developed selling travel without fees, there can be a legacy to overcome. Also, there is a tremendous responsibility placed upon the shoulders of frontline agents. They are personally responsible for the delivery of the value for which fees are designed. The burden of that responsibility is not taken lightly and it is with great respect and admiration that this chapter is offered.

Travel Agency Consultancy Fee Course - Chapter 8: Value Proposition: Skills and Service — April 6, 2009
Chapter 8 -One of the most essential and fundamental business concepts is that of the value proposition. Your value proposition is basically the answer to the question: “what I am getting for my money?” Of course your clients are getting a cruise or a tour or an airline ticket, but those are all from a supplier. What are they getting from YOU? If a client is paying YOU a fee, they will logically expect to get something from YOU for the fees paid to YOU. What is THAT value proposition?

Search Engine Optimization 101 for Travel agents — February 20, 2009
What is Search Engine Optimization and why should you care? A practical look at SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for those unfamiliar with the subject. Join Anne Parnell, ASTA's webmaster, as she covers dozens of areas that will help consumers find your web site online. This presentation is for beginners.

Search Engine Optimization 101 for Travel agents Part 2 — February 20, 2009
What is Search Engine Optimization and why should you care? A practical look at SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for those unfamiliar with the subject. Join Anne Parnell, ASTA's webmaster, as she covers dozens of areas that will help consumers find your web site online. This presentation is for beginners.

Webinar - Top 10 Ways to Make Your Site a Consumer Magnet — February 20, 2009
So you've hopped on the technology train and launched your own travel Web site. What do you do when no one's coming to your site, or traffic is coming in at a turtle's pace? Today's technology age has swept across every imaginable industry. More consumers are shopping online. They're looking at product reviews, selling and trading, comparing prices and much more with a few mouse clicks. The travel business is no different. In order to keep consumers coming to your site, there are several things you need to make your site sticky.

Web Marketing Toolbox: 10 Ways to Turn Your Web Site into a Consumer Magnet — December 18, 2008
You don’t have to be a technology pro to comprehend search engines. You probably realize that they can help or even hurt your chances of being found in popular search sites. You can put the marketing power back in your own hands by gaining a basic understanding of how search engines are designed to read and rank your Web site. In this essential Web marketing guide, learn the simplest ways you can boost your Web site and become a magnet for new business.

Home-Based agents: Get More from Low-Cost Web Marketing Resources — December 9, 2008
If you know where to look, there is a rich variety of resources out there that can simplify the workload for home-based travel agents like you. Working from home comes with a lot of perks, but also more responsibility for finding your own clients and building your business brand in a competitive market. With ASTA’s guide for home-based agents, you can learn about some of the Internet tools that can help you promote your business and manage your daily tasks with even more ease.

Home-Based agent Guide: Must-Have Marketing Tools and Tactics — October 3, 2008
This guide is perfect for every home-based travel agent, whether you’re just starting out or want to find new and improved ways to do business. Take the first step by learning about the essential marketing strategies and technology tools that will increase your productivity and attract more consumers.

Reputation Management: How to Manage Your Reputation Online — August 18, 2008
If you've ever Googled your name, you know how important managing your reputation online can be. Each day, thousands of individuals are searching online for information about others simply by searching on Google or other leading search engines. With information being so readily available, managing your reputation is more important than ever.

ASTA Marketing Opportunities [pdf] - MASTER FILE — May 22, 2008
2008, 12/10 Andrew; 1/11 brooke; 5/12 courtney; 10/12 courtney; 11/12 courtney; 11/15/12 courtney; 1/4/2013 courtney; 8/30/2013 courtney&sarah; 11/22/13 - reformated version mm with Sue, 2/19/14 sue provided after request was made to her, 4/4/14 Sue; 5/15/2014 Jim; 10/2015 Sue, (6 months of asking for a new PDF); 10/25/16 Kelly;Sarah12/5/2017, Sarah 12/7/2016; 2/6/2017 Kelly; 3/31/2016 Sarah; 2/6/18 to overwrite the 2016 file in the system

ASTA Guide to Selling Tours — June 13, 2007
Covering the three benefits of selling travel insurance - customer protection, agency protection and increased revenue - this guide will help you set up a travel insurance sales program.


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