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GDS Surcharge White Paper & Carrier Matrix — January 12, 2018
The purpose of this White Paper and Matrix is to assist agency owners, managers, operations team members and front line agents in quickly identifying which carriers have introduced a GDS surcharge, the surcharge dollar or Euro amount, how that surcharge is applied, the fee’s effective date, whether or not the carrier offers a “Private Channel Agreement” option, whether the carrier offers a direct web portal for agent bookings, and what code share partners may be considered as an alternative to avoid the GDS Surcharge, but book on the same carrier’s “metal” or aircraft.

New Distribution Capability (NDC): Current Agency Implications — October 24, 2017
This ASTA “white paper” provides the reader with the latest assessment regarding its implications to agencies, 2017 developments to date, GDS and other technology implications, its adoption and a view of the ultimate endgame – Is NDC an evolution or a revolution?

Ethics for Travel agents Manual — September 21, 2017
While all ASTA members already pledge themselves to conduct their businesses in accordance with the ASTA Code of Ethics, we created this manual as an in-depth study of critical ethical considerations facing their businesses and the travel industry as a whole in the twenty-first century.

2017 U.S. Travel Agency Regulatory Compliance Manual — September 21, 2017
ASTA’s 2017 U.S. Travel Agency Regulatory Compliance Manual is a plain-English white paper that explains the major federal statutes and regulations that directly impact travel agents. ASTA has added several new features to the 2017 manual

Agency Relationships and the Law Manual — September 21, 2017
The concept of “agency” – the legal relationship that is created when one person is authorized to act on behalf of another – is an important one in the travel industry. Travel agents are routinely authorized to act on behalf of others, most notably, the traveling public. This manual uses real-life case studies to provide an understanding of what this means to the travel agent.

ASTA Premium Business Summit 2014 — July 16, 2014
The nine Premium Business Summit videos are reserved for ASTA Premium Members only. Topics addressed in these videos include travel insurance, ARC, privacy in the age of big data, recognizing threats, defending your rights,brand management, New Distribution Capability (NDC), hazardous materials, code-share, insecticide rules and the(de)regulation of air. This type of high level content and networking is not be found anywhere else in the industry.


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